92nd Academy Awards Date, Venue, Time, and Official Coverage

The time has yet again come for the royal Oscars. Well, Oscars is the popular name of the game however officially its time for the 92nd Academy Awards. Its the event which has a fan following from all over the world and we don’t think that there would be a single soul who is not aware of these awards. If you are a Hollywood movie buff then there is no chance in the world that you would like to miss this event. 

As the dates of the event are coming near there is a general curiosity about when and where the event would be held and how things would move ahead. Just to satisfy the hunger of our visitors we thought of writing this blog post. Here you would come to know all that you need to know for enjoying the Oscars to the max. 

92nd Academy Awards Date, Venue, Time

Here we are, folks, with the information that you have been waiting for. The 92nd Academy Awards will be held at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, LA. The entire process of the awards will start on Oct 2019 and the final award ceremony will be on 9th Feb 2020. The Oscars will be broadcasted live by the ABC networks at 8 PM ET globally. So, wherever you are in the world please adjust the timings accordingly. 

92nd Academy Awards Date, Venue, Time, and Official coverage

Official Coverage of The 92nd Academy Awards

To be on record the 2020 Oscars will be covered completely by ABC. They are the official broadcasters of the event and will be responsible for viewing of the content in over 100 nations. The official synergies with other nations TV and OTT channels are still not confirmed however we are sure that this process would have been over by now. It’s just a matter of time when the exact information will be made available to the general public. However, till then nothing more can be said. Well, one thing we know for sure is that everything will be crystal clear in the days to come. As for the offline coverage, there are hordes of magazines and other avenues which are covering everything about Oscars like crazy. Its Oscars after all and such things are bound to happen. Even the entire internet blogging community is going bonkers over covering the event. There are already 100’s of thousand of blogs giving information and predictions on Oscars and let’s see how many of them fall accurate. 

There is also lots of hype on live stream options of the event. We can tell one thing for sure as far as the live streaming of the event is concerned and that is if one is serious about watching the Oscars in live stream mode. Then just go for the OTT content provider which has ABC networks in its package. Anyways that’s not a must because ABC would be giving broadcast rights to other channels also. Just be sure that your OTT service has the channel on which the 92nd Academy Awards are going to be broadcasted. 

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