How To Get Tickets for Oscar Awards 2020?

Oscar fever has started, yes it has and it’s official. The first steps towards the award functions in 2020 will begin by the end of Oct 2019. So we are sitting in the month where things are really going to get crazy. Now there are many people who are really privileged and have time to watch this great star blazed event in person. However, then there are people who would only get the chance to watch this event on TV or in the Live stream mode. We are not focusing on them today and we would be just discussing the ways to get the tickets for Oscar Awards 2020. 

There are many news and reviews and grapevine on the sale of tickets for Oscar 2020. However one must be aware of things nowadays as there are many dubious players in the market who might dupe you out of the top dollar. Well, let’s not focus on the negative and focus on the known ways of getting tickets for the Oscars. 

Oscar Awards 2020 Ticket Booking Guide

There are many ways to get the tickets for Oscar 2020, we should tell our readers one thing tough, getting hold of Oscar awards tickets are pretty rare and one has to be really lucky to get them even after being willing to pay top money for them. 

How To Get Tickets for Oscar Awards 2020

The Oscars Website

Here is the deal. Do you want to be there on this red carpet event absolutely free of cost? Then please visit the Oscars website and register yourself there. Please do hurry as they only have 700 free seats for the public. This is something really amazing and not seen in any other event of such repute. Well as we mentioned earlier getting tickets through this mode is really rare as the number of seats is limited, but there is no harm in trying your luck. Just imagine the joy one would get if he gets the ticket through this route. 

The Ticketing Sites 

A simple google search will yield results for the official ticketing sales agents online for the Oscars 2020. As per our information, the tickets are ranging from 100 USD to 250 USD per person depending upon where you wish to sit for watching the event in person. However please do your homework beforehand as there would be many malicious websites offering to sell tickets for the event. Being cautious never hurts. 

Seat filler 

Seat Filler is another great website that can help you land at the Oscars. This is a great website that tracks the number of vacant seats in an event and makes an offer for its members for getting discounted seats. There are chances that at the last moment some people might show up for the event and you can get their seat and enjoy the Oscars in person. 

Giveaway Seats 

Happens very rarely but it does happen. At times Oscars organizers do give free seats through many offers and promos. Well for that we would suggest that you keep your eyes are ears open for any announcement that comes on the media. Who knows you must just get lucky. 

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