Best VPNs to Watch The 2020 Oscars Live Online

It is a night that the whole movie industry and millions of fans worldwide, look forward to. Yes. The Academy Awards or the Oscars is probably the most anticipated award ceremony in the entertainment industry. The Oscars will be held on February 24th. The red carpet coverage starts at 6:30 pm EST and the award ceremony is scheduled to start at 8:00 pm.

Viewers all over the world are keen to find out the winners of the various categories in a year that has delivered some outstanding movies. However, everyone might not be able to watch the program directly especially out of the US. But there is always a solution in today’s era of advanced technology and digitization. People all across the globe can watch the spectacle by using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network.

Oscar Awards 2020 VPN Channels Review

Here is a quick guide as to which VPN’s are the most suited for streaming the Oscars 2020 across the globe:

VPNs to Watch The 2020 Oscars Live Online

  • ExpressVPN: One of the most widely used VPN’s, it unblocks all major streaming services. ExpressVPN is highly regarded for its speed which is very commendable. The servers are present across several cities and it provides unlimited bandwidth without any restrictions on download. Users can easily use the service and stream the event live from anywhere in the world.
  • NordVPN: The other giant in the VPN industry, NordVPN has a mindboggling 1970 servers. It is fast and dependable and has no activity logging. It supports up to six simultaneous connections and offers top of the line security using kill switch feature and DNS leak protection. Viewers all across the globe can avail of the service to watch the Academy Awards live without any hassles and interruptions.
  • CactusVPN: Viewers can use CactusVPN which is sort of underrated but offers great service. It provides 4 US server locations and has no restrictions on bandwidth. CactusVPN supports up to 5 simultaneous connections on one account so that you and your friends and family can enjoy the show at the same time. It offers DNS leak protection along with a kill switch feature to offer great security. View the event live using CactusVPN and have a great time watching your favorite stars.
  • IPVanish: Another dependable VPN service that the viewers all across the globe can use to stream the Oscars live. It is fast and very secure. It might not be as great as ExpressVPN or NordVPN, but it is pretty handy and serves the required purpose well. They offer good security and privacy and it is one of the fastest VPN’s out there.
  • CyberGhost: CyberGhost is committed to focus on unblocking more and more streaming sites and it clearly shows. The server net is constantly growing and is currently 1200+. It unblocks almost all streaming sites and users can easily catch the live streaming of the event from anywhere in the world using CyberGhost. It is a solid and dependable option and serves the purpose well enough.

There are several other VPN services available and you can find them on the Internet. But for the best results, try sticking to the ones mentioned above for uninterrupted and hassle-free streaming of the mega night.

92nd Academy Awards Date, Venue, Time, and Official Coverage

The time has yet again come for the royal Oscars. Well, Oscars is the popular name of the game however officially its time for the 92nd Academy Awards. Its the event which has a fan following from all over the world and we don’t think that there would be a single soul who is not aware of these awards. If you are a Hollywood movie buff then there is no chance in the world that you would like to miss this event. 

As the dates of the event are coming near there is a general curiosity about when and where the event would be held and how things would move ahead. Just to satisfy the hunger of our visitors we thought of writing this blog post. Here you would come to know all that you need to know for enjoying the Oscars to the max. 

92nd Academy Awards Date, Venue, Time

Here we are, folks, with the information that you have been waiting for. The 92nd Academy Awards will be held at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, LA. The entire process of the awards will start on Oct 2019 and the final award ceremony will be on 9th Feb 2020. The Oscars will be broadcasted live by the ABC networks at 8 PM ET globally. So, wherever you are in the world please adjust the timings accordingly. 

92nd Academy Awards Date, Venue, Time, and Official coverage

Official Coverage of The 92nd Academy Awards

To be on record the 2020 Oscars will be covered completely by ABC. They are the official broadcasters of the event and will be responsible for viewing of the content in over 100 nations. The official synergies with other nations TV and OTT channels are still not confirmed however we are sure that this process would have been over by now. It’s just a matter of time when the exact information will be made available to the general public. However, till then nothing more can be said. Well, one thing we know for sure is that everything will be crystal clear in the days to come. As for the offline coverage, there are hordes of magazines and other avenues which are covering everything about Oscars like crazy. Its Oscars after all and such things are bound to happen. Even the entire internet blogging community is going bonkers over covering the event. There are already 100’s of thousand of blogs giving information and predictions on Oscars and let’s see how many of them fall accurate. 

There is also lots of hype on live stream options of the event. We can tell one thing for sure as far as the live streaming of the event is concerned and that is if one is serious about watching the Oscars in live stream mode. Then just go for the OTT content provider which has ABC networks in its package. Anyways that’s not a must because ABC would be giving broadcast rights to other channels also. Just be sure that your OTT service has the channel on which the 92nd Academy Awards are going to be broadcasted. 

How To Get Tickets for Oscar Awards 2020?

Oscar fever has started, yes it has and it’s official. The first steps towards the award functions in 2020 will begin by the end of Oct 2019. So we are sitting in the month where things are really going to get crazy. Now there are many people who are really privileged and have time to watch this great star blazed event in person. However, then there are people who would only get the chance to watch this event on TV or in the Live stream mode. We are not focusing on them today and we would be just discussing the ways to get the tickets for Oscar Awards 2020. 

There are many news and reviews and grapevine on the sale of tickets for Oscar 2020. However one must be aware of things nowadays as there are many dubious players in the market who might dupe you out of the top dollar. Well, let’s not focus on the negative and focus on the known ways of getting tickets for the Oscars. 

Oscar Awards 2020 Ticket Booking Guide

There are many ways to get the tickets for Oscar 2020, we should tell our readers one thing tough, getting hold of Oscar awards tickets are pretty rare and one has to be really lucky to get them even after being willing to pay top money for them. 

How To Get Tickets for Oscar Awards 2020

The Oscars Website

Here is the deal. Do you want to be there on this red carpet event absolutely free of cost? Then please visit the Oscars website and register yourself there. Please do hurry as they only have 700 free seats for the public. This is something really amazing and not seen in any other event of such repute. Well as we mentioned earlier getting tickets through this mode is really rare as the number of seats is limited, but there is no harm in trying your luck. Just imagine the joy one would get if he gets the ticket through this route. 

The Ticketing Sites 

A simple google search will yield results for the official ticketing sales agents online for the Oscars 2020. As per our information, the tickets are ranging from 100 USD to 250 USD per person depending upon where you wish to sit for watching the event in person. However please do your homework beforehand as there would be many malicious websites offering to sell tickets for the event. Being cautious never hurts. 

Seat filler 

Seat Filler is another great website that can help you land at the Oscars. This is a great website that tracks the number of vacant seats in an event and makes an offer for its members for getting discounted seats. There are chances that at the last moment some people might show up for the event and you can get their seat and enjoy the Oscars in person. 

Giveaway Seats 

Happens very rarely but it does happen. At times Oscars organizers do give free seats through many offers and promos. Well for that we would suggest that you keep your eyes are ears open for any announcement that comes on the media. Who knows you must just get lucky. 

Watching Guide to Oscars 2020 Award Ceremony Live Stream Online

The Academy Awards popularly known as the Oscars is an award given for excellence in the film industry. Now, these awards are one of the most sought-after shows in the world. The craze of these awards is very big and there is no country on the globe where they are not seen. Since its Oscars then there is no need to explain the kind of fanfare and craze it would have.

We know that everyone would have questions regarding the Oscars or officially known as academy awards. We here to answer all of them for sure. As a fan, you would not want to miss the 92nd Oscar awards for anything. Here we are for answering every query that one might have. We know its not possible for everyone to catch the event live from the comfort of their homes or offices and on TV.

For those who are always on the move or have jobs which do not allow them to watch such events on TV we have the best solution. Its called live stream. With the growth of internet technology, it has really become very easy for anyone to watch the event in live stream format. Here is the list of the best options that one can avail to catch the live stream of the 92nd Academy Awards.

Best Live stream Options for Oscars/Academy Awards 2020

Let us take this opportunity to inform our site visitors that the upcoming 92nd Academy Awards will be officially broadcasted by the ABC networks. Hence ABC is the core source of content for the awards. It’s obvious that all the OTT content providers having ABC and its associated channels will also showcase the entire Academy awards. Hence here are the best options to Livestream the 92nd Oscar Awards.

Best Live stream Options for Oscars Academy Awards 2020

ABC Networks 

ABC is the official broadcaster of the 92nd Academy Awards. They will be covering the entire event and that too complete with the award functions and other related events for sure. The best way to watch directly from the ABC network is to download their app and purchase the subscription. That’s it! Once you have done this you are good to go. In case you are not from the USA and still wish to watch the event using ABC network, then going for a good quality VPN is the only solution. For an average price of USD 25, you can get hold of some decent VPN service. 

PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue is one of the most premium OTT content providers operating in the USA and some other countries. Most of the people are aware of the Playstation brand but however only a few in the world would know that it also provides one of the best OTT live streaming services in the world. It’s a subscription-based service. The services are priced between USD 50 and USD 80 and everything is really great about it. The Oscars will be available on this service and if you like exceptional quality live streaming then going for PlayStation Vue is really something to be considered. 


Most of the people in the developed world are aware of the name FuboTV. In the world of OTT content, these guys are one of the most emerging names. They provide their services in the price band of an average of USD 45 to USD 55. These guys will be covering the 92nd Academy Awards completely. FuboTV is one of the best options to watch the event on the go. The Livestream quality is really good under poor internet conditions. One thing this service is geo-blocked in certain areas hence one would require a VPN in case accessing content from outside the USA. 

Sling TV 

The cheapest and one of the best live streaming services out there. For approx USD 25 on an average, you can get access to the content where Oscars will be broadcasted and streamed live. The stream quality is also excellent and there is nothing that can actually match the value for the money angle here. For this price point, SlingTV actually has no serious competition. No wonder it is one of the most favorites of entertainment loving people all over the world. 

Best Social Media Options For Oscar Awards 2020 Live Stream 

It might sound surprising but now one can use the social media platforms for viewing the live stream of the Oscars 2020. There are many good social media platforms where you can get free links to watch the Livestream of the event absolutely free of cost.


Just create a free account on Reddit if you don’t have one. Well, it’s free anyway hence there is no issue. Search and join the relevant subreddits and wait for the links to appear. Since there is time in the event you might have to be patient. Once the links are posted you may access them to catch the live stream free of cost. 


Everyone is on Facebook. It’s the most popular social media platform out there. In case you are not aware of it then just create a free account. Now there is a feature of hosting a watch party on facebook. What one needs to do is join the relevant OScar groups and wait for the event to start. Surely someone will host a watch party of it and you can watch the live stream free of cost. Mind you the stream quality is top-notch and there is nothing to worry about. Just wait and enjoy it! 


Since Oscars is a really big and popular event chances are that it will be officially broadcasted on youtube. Even if that is not the case then also joining relevant channels and searching for the Livestream when the event starts will surely lead one to the free Livestream of the event. Just be patient and be ready to enjoy the show. 


StumbleUpon is another good website from where you can get free links to the show. Its a fusion platform where people can do blogging and share links. Just create an account and start searching for relevant content. We are sure you would get some really good links for Oscar Live Stream. The best part is that its all free of cost. 

What is the Schedule of Oscar 2020?  

Well, Oscars is a big event and take lots of days to complete and reach the final stage. It will all start on 27 Oct 2019 with Governor’s awards. The nominations and votings will open on 2nd Jan 2020. The same will be closed on 7th Jan 2020. The nominees will be announced on 13th Jan 2019. On Jan 27 there will be a luncheon for the event. The final voting will commence on 30th Jan 2020. Final polls will be closed on Feb 4th and the final show and function will be on 9th Feb 2020. Here is the complete schedule mentioned above for you all. 

How to Get Tickets & How Much They Cost? 

The tickets for the Oscars are available online. Actually, it is a black-tie event and there are many categories of tickets available. The following information is available as of now. 

Spielberg Tickets USD 100

Balcony Tickets USD 130 

The Nominee Tickets USD 150

Vip Gala Tickets USD 250

There is much additional information associated with each ticket and we would request our readers to visit the official sites for knowing the details of them.