Coastal Living Room Ideas That Will Capture The Spirit of the Beach

When decorating your coastal living room, it's important to stay true to the beach vibe. This style of living involves living in a coastal town or city and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

So, to capture the spirit of the beach, be sure to stick to neutrals and light colors, feature coastal views in your decor, and mix in a bit of kitsch for fun!Whether you're looking to cozy up in a beach house or inject some boho beach style into your decor, these ideas will have you up and Coasting in no time!

Stick to Neutrals

Coastal living room ideas that will capture the spirit of the beach should be neutrals - whites, grays, light blues. Use coastal decor to tie in the theme of the room and add some life.

For example, coastal living room ideas may include coastal plants, maritime art, beach decor, and salt-water fish tanks. If you'd like to take things up a notch, consider adding coastal chaise lounges or coastal decor to the room.

Beach Views

When you think coastal living room ideas, what comes to mind? Maybe white walls, brightly colored furniture, and coastal decor accents like driftwood and shells. Well, that's what we're going for with these ideas!

By incorporating the coastal style into your living room, you'll be able to recreate the beachy feel of your home away from home. To start, white walls and furniture are a must. Then, add coastal decor accents to give the room that little bit of beach vibes.

Don't forget to add a water feature! This can be anything from coral or fish tanks to a simple waterfall. To make the living room feel even more like the beach, add coastal sounds like waves crashing or seagulls squawking. So, whether you're living the coastal life or just dreaming of it, these living room ideas will help you get there!

Cottage Charm

Many people love living coastal style, and nothing says coastal living room style like coastal furniture, decor, and accessories. When decorating your coastal living room, be sure to select pieces in natural materials like wood or reclaimed barnwood.

These materials will give the room a rustic feel that is perfect for coastal living. For a touch of coastal charm, add coastal accents like potted plants and beachy prints on curtains or rugs.

Keep things lighthearted with brightly colored sofas and chairs that will reflect your personality! When it comes to coastal living room ideas, cottage charm is the perfect style to capture the spirit of the beach.

Rock the Boho Beach Style

When it comes to coastal living room ideas, boho beach style is the way to go! Start with a mix of coastal collectibles - shells, rocks, driftwood - and add accent pieces like textiles and ceramics. Opt for natural light and bright colors to bring out the best in this coastal style.

As always, keep the room cozy and comfortable with coastal decor like throw pillows and coastal artwork. Whether you're living room is coastal ready or you just want to take a little trip to the beach, boho beach style is the perfect style for you, like recommendation from MaterialSix!

Traditional Palette

Coastal living room ideas should be based on the colors of the coastal palette. Coordinate your furniture and accessories with these colors and you're good to go! For example, use white furniture with coastal colors, and decorate with driftwood chairs and tables.

Brightly colored pillows and rugs can add the finishing touches to the room. To create a beachy feel, be sure to use lots of sand-colored, light blue, and white items. And of course, don't forget the driftwood chairs and tables!

Add a Sprinkle of Kitsch

Coastal living room ideas don't need to be drab or neutral - in fact, a sprinkle of kitsch can really make the space feel festive and fun. Keep the decor light and airy with coastal-themed accessories like sea shells, driftwood pieces, and colorful umbrellas.

If you have an oceanfront home or apartment, go all out and add coastal-themed accessories like seashells. Finally, make sure to decorate the room in a way that captures the spirit of the beach - be it with coastal colors or coastal-themed accessories.


Coastal living room ideas that will capture the spirit of the beach are a perfect way to show your coastal style in your home. By sticking to neutrals, choosing coastal views, and adding a touch of kitsch, you'll have the perfect living room that will reflect your coastal lifestyle. Ready to start decorating your living room in style? Check out our website for all the coastal living room ideas you need!